With Neighbourhoods, Hambleton visits not geographical places, but also music communities with which he has ties. The album brings together the genres which he has been a part of for many years. He easily goes from one style to the other as if taking a walk through old neighbourhoods – neighbourhoods with which he is very familiar, and in which he has many friends. This is perhaps Hambleton’s best album yet. It is triumphant from beginning to end, utilizing many styles with that wonderful voice of his throughout ” - Aaron Badgley

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Fergus Hambleton, a versatile singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada has been prominent in the folk, pop and reggae fields for over fifty years . 
He was a member of many Toronto bands in the 60s including A Passing Fancy, a popular Yorkville group. In 1971 he  was signed to Capitol Records Canada and released two folk-rock albums, "All The Right Noises" and "Town Of Fergus". 
In the 70’s Fergus began doing sessions as a sax player with the Jamaican community in Toronto. A stint as a guitarist in Leroy Sibbles band and countless sessions led to a meeting with the legendary Jamaican musician Jo Jo Bennett. Since then, they’ve had a 40 year musical partnership that has earned them both a unique place in Canada's rich musical tapestry as the core of the popular reggae band The Sattalites. The Sattalites have had a successful musical career with numerous high-profile performances, 6 studio albums, two Juno Awards and a host of national and international awards and accolades.   Fergus has also released a number of solo albums "Snapshots" in 1998, "Playtime " in 2009 and "Written On The Wind" in 2015. 
November 6th 2019 Fergus Hambleton released  'Neigbourhoods" , a 11-song album that takes listeners on a musical journey .

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