Fergus Hambleton, a versatile singer, songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada has been prominent in the folk, pop and reggae fields for over fifty years .
He was a member of many Toronto bands in the 60s including A Passing Fancy, a popular Yorkville group. In 1971 he was signed to Capitol Records Canada and released two folk-rock albums, "All The Right Noises" and "Town Of Fergus".
In the 70’s Fergus began doing sessions as a sax player with the Jamaican community in Toronto. A stint as a guitarist in Leroy Sibbles band and countless sessions led to a meeting with the legendary Jamaican musician Jo Jo Bennett. Since then, they’ve had a 40 year musical partnership that has earned them both a unique place in Canada's rich musical tapestry as the core of the popular reggae band The Sattalites. The Sattalites have had a successful musical career with numerous high-profile performances, 6 studio albums, two Juno Awards and a host of national and international awards and accolades.   Fergus has also released a number of solo albums including "Snapshots" in 1998, "Playtime " in 2009 and "Written On The Wind" in 2015.
November 6th 2019 Fergus Hambleton released  'Neigbourhoods" , a  11-song album of that takes listeners on a musical journey through the world of Fergus and his friends. .