Jo Jo Bennett and Fergus Hambleton, the first members of The Sattalites, met while touring with reggae singer afreen and the pair began performing together, mixing Bennett's instrumentals with Hambleton's smooth alto voice to create the unique Sattalite sound. The band started as a teaching group who opened The Sattalite Music School on a pay-what-you-can basis to spread their influence in 1981. The Sattalites consisted of various types of students from the school who wanted a sense of live performing. By 1982, The Sattalites had melded into a collaboration of musicians from exceptionally talented beginners to experienced pros, some of whom still perform. They became very well known for their enthusiastic live performances which initiated their extensive touring across Canada and the United States. It was the only Canadian band ever invited to play at Jamaica's "Sunsplash", playing before 25,000 people, and they gave an excellent performance at the World Skiing Championship in British Columbia. As two-time Juno winners, The Sattalites are known as Canada’s longest standing reggae group

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The Sattalites are a very well-rounded musical group instrumentally. There are seven members who are almost all multi-instrumentalists, working together to create the smooth and unique sound for which they are known. There have been a number of different members who have been in and out due to the large range of instruments used. Fergus Hambleton has been the lead vocalist since the band's beginning but is accompanied by Jo Jo Bennett and Bruce Robinson. Hambleton also plays the guitar, alto sax and the keyboard for The Sattalites and has played in a number of other bands including A Passing Fancy and The Ginger Group in four decades of his musical career. Jo Jo Bennett, an equal founder of the group, focuses his talents not only on vocals but on the flugelhorn and percussions. The other five members, David Fowler, Bruce McGillivray, Junior McPherson, Rick Morrison and Bruce Robinson, bring it all together with Fowler on keyboards, McGillivray on bass, McPherson on drums and electronic percussion, Morrison on saxophone and Robinson on piano and vocals. During the 1980s and 1990s, Felix Taylor played trombone in the band and provided smooth vocal talent to some of the songs. Neil Chapman also played lead guitar on many of their recordings as well live on stage. With a different attitude and flavor coming from each member they are a genre of their own


Fergus Hambleton 
Jo Jo Bennett 
Bruce Robinson 
David Fowler 
Bruce McGillivray 
Junior McPherson 
Rick Morrison 

Past members 

Felix Taylor (Trombone)

Neville Francis 

Neil Chapman (Lead Guitar)



1985 Sattalites 
1987 Live via Sattalites 
1989 Miracles 
1993 All Over the World 
1995 Now and Forever 
2003 Reggaefication 


“Gimme Some Kinda Sign” 
“Too Late to Turn Back Now” 
“Now and Forever” 
“I’m Gonna Be The One” 
“Walkin On Sunshine”