From the recording Playtime

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First you told such a beautiful lie
Then you cried such beautiful tears
Still and all it was quite a surprise
To see you again

There was a time when nothing was true
And every good heart was broken in two
How could you leave and come back again
Let them see you again.

All those beautiful lies..they hurt someone
All those beautiful tears..they fooled someone
All those beautiful lies…
Over and over again.

So you think it’s alright
So you think it’s okay to come back again
So you think it’s alright
When everyone can remember the pain.

You turned and ran when the going was tough
You say you’re sorry but that’s not enough
They can forgive but they’ll never forget
When they see you again.

All those beautiful lies
All those beautiful tears that you cried
All those beautiful lies
Over and over again.