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Fergus Hambleton: Guestbook

Stuart Laughton

March 22, 2019

Hello Fergus,
I'm the A.D. at The Forest Festival and am doing blurbs for the website. I'm interested in the derivation (spelling, I guess) of the band's name. Can you help? Best, Stu


March 11, 2019

Good morning Fergus, hope you are well.

Need to know names for the ladies in Wood and Water, when is your/their next show, current/next release etc.

Please reply to

Thanks Lenny

Lenny Stoute

February 6, 2019

Hello Fergus, Long time no speak but really like your new trio.
AS you may know, I'm having serious medical problems and some folks have organised a benefit for me at the Horseshoe, Mar.28.
Would you be available on that date to drop by and play a tune or two?
All the best
Lenny 647-223-9445

George Dobo

September 3, 2018

A long overdue hello to you. Tony Q. mentioned he met you sometime last year, so I asked him to give you my co-ordinates.
Loved your tunes over the years, as well as your latest.
If you're in touch with Bembo, please give him my regards (and email address). Would love to shoot the shit if you have the time and inclination; if not, then stay well and prosperous.

tony nolasco

August 25, 2018

Hi Fergus...I will be singing on the Stevie show along
with you and the other singers at Hugh's in a couple of
weeks. Would like to chat soon if we could. Will you call me at your convenience or mail me your phone #
Much appreciated. 416=820-6111. soon.

Dale Nankivell

February 26, 2018

Enjoyed your session last Saturday, with Donnie, at Sauce on the Danforth. Loved the music and the beer was nice and cold. See you guys next time yo7 play the Sauce.

Hello Fergus

February 1, 2009

Great meeting you last night.Loved your music.I would like more info on the Orbit room jam sessions.

Colleen Pacia

December 30, 2008

Hello Fergus! I'm interested in booking the Sattalites for a gig this would I go about doing that? Thanks!


December 30, 2008

Hi Ferg, stumbled here via Tim's my space, Congrats with Margaret Anne and a very happy New Year to you, Victoria and Graham!

Michael Cavan

November 6, 2008

I attended the Humber SSW 2 years ago. Loved your sessions. I now have a songwriting school here in Kitchener and would like to talk to you about coming to do a workshop.

Dr. Joe

October 8, 2008

Hello Fergus:
Great show at the R.T.Hall the other night. Lots of energy,great cover version representation. Please tell me:
What make of electric sitar was that anyway???
What make of guitar effects pedal was being used by Rik?
Was it a VOX?
When I heard the eerie seagulls - was that from "Love"-
I thought "Rain" was about to fall.
Thank you.


Peter Holt

September 28, 2008

Hi Fergus,
Nice to see the article, and to catch up on you a bit, in the Star this weekend.
And good to find your site here.. and so many of your songs... and to see E. Gamble and E. Canning credits. Was trying to remember where on Ward's you lived. Thank you for the memories that remain, regardless. For example the posters for the Soaper's Ball... "Music so hot and dirty you have to bring your own soap"... IT'S GREAT TO SEE YOU'RE STILL ROCKING ON. Will try to get to your Beatles Show next month. Break a leg!
All the best to you and yours,
Peter Holt
(still at)
19 Fourth St.

Bill Tee

September 27, 2008

Are you related to Jack[John] Hambleton late of Scarborough?

Jack was an author and I dated his daughter Jessie in the early 50's while we were both taking flying lessons at Toronto Island Airport. I would like to get in touch with her or find the whereabouts of Jessie who joined the RCAF in the early 50's and married a chap named I believe 'Deslaurier' or similar.

Thanking you in advance
Bill Tee

Lea kamin

September 20, 2008

Fergus thanks for performing for my dad (harvey nagelberg) tonight your music is excellent!!


May 20, 2008

Hey fergus, We miss you here in Buffalo! Allentown has really picked up! I would love to see all of you in Toronto, let me know what the Spring/Summer schedule is, and events here in Blfo.?
Tell Victoria & Graham, Hello!
:0) Lots of smile!

Taavi Babcock

May 16, 2008

I have finally found it! "The same old feeling" was one of my favs from the early 70's, it got a bit of radio play here in Canada and haven't heard it since. I tried finding it as music download but no luck. I would be interested to purchase a CD with that song on it if possible. Is it available? Thanks for the memories! GREAT SONG!!!!

Doug Larson

April 20, 2008

Hey Fergus,

Been a while, I know. Sorry. But during the 40 years you've doing your thing in music, I've been doing my think in science. Funny how the forks in the road work. I have been following your career from time to time but now that I've got only one year until retirement, I thought I should let you know that NOT only am I still alive,
I've been going down your road for the past 5 years as a hobby and once next year comes, I'll be doing it full time. I'm pals with a lot of the people you know including Kevin Breit and Dave Clark. If you want to see where I've been check out or Kid Coma on CBC radio3.

Hope all is well. I suspect we've both had quite a ride since high school.


Paul McGrath

February 27, 2008

Great to see you at Val Ross' memoprial. It was "All Over The Wotld" that floored my little one in the car a couple of montsh ago. Stupid me, it wasn't until ten minutes ago I figured out in a blinding flash why you spell it "Sattalites" As they say, Satta is the national rhythm of Jamaica. I am glad you're well, and I will keep an eye on your sked and show up at oe or another gig soon.

Paul McGrath


January 2, 2008

First of all: Happy New Year!!

Good to see that you are online! Now I can keep up to date with what's going on in your life.

I will be in Toronto at the beginning of March for two weeks. I hope I will get to see one of your shows. Take care, Laura (former Trebas student ... currently residing in Switzerland)


December 30, 2007

very good , useful site

Ryan Chin

October 22, 2007

Hey Fergus its Ryan, your student from Trebas 05'....jus givin u a shout still....Im in Jamaica working on some different projects....I learnt alot in your class...nuff respec...bless up

Christopher Sheobaran

October 10, 2007

Hey Fergus I've been a loyal Sattalite fan since the Bamboo days. Amazing talent , you guys always put on a fantastic show , love the Tuesday night show at Orbit

Christopher ( John's friend )


September 30, 2007

hello Fergus! Great to see you online with a groovy webpage :) I was first exposed to your music from an album on birchmount called "Suzanne" which I found 6 years ago looks like you and your brother contributed on it. And then I have traced as much output as I can to this point with LP's i have scrounged up from various sources. Do you have a complete discography of material? I seem to bump into your and Greg's material all the time and I seem to have an affinity to your late 60's early 70's output. Let me know if you have an email i can chat with you at, I would love to know more about some records i have, as I love them all. Thanks for your great output over the years.

Laurel Federbush

June 14, 2007

Hello, I went to a lot of Sattalites concerts, so you might recognize me if you saw me. I'm a longtime fan and friend of your cohort Neil Chapman, and I'm currently in the process of writing a biography of him (authorized, of course!). I'm wondering if you might be willing to e-mail me a few words (as much or as little as you want) about him as a musician for inclusion in my book. Naturally I'd be sure to credit you. Thank you, and best wishes on your own projects.


May 23, 2007

Hey Fergus,
It's Lauren from Tuesdays. I just came across your web site and my dreams have come true! Dylan and Marley switcheroo? Fantastic.
I couldn't find the link to Just Like A Woman, but I hope to make it on the 2nd to hear it then.
You guys are so great and your music always makes my day.
Thank you,

Donna Hannant

May 19, 2007

Looking forward to seeing your face and hearing your music. Donna

allen dawdy

May 7, 2007

i've been playing the album "fergus ,town of fergus " since i purchased it in 1974 ,loved it from the get go,wish i could find it on cd ,it's a great colection of songs.

mark ferg

April 10, 2007

a canadian ferg living in nebraska looking for other fergs in the us or canada. not many in canada that i know of so am looking in us for another real ferg

Jim Ritchie

March 3, 2007

I love your song, Ice on the Road. I heard it years ago and would sure like to get a CD of it! Is there any way I can??


February 23, 2007

Hey man, I just wanted t say again that i had a great time jammin' with you tonight.....


December 26, 2006

Hey fergus, any chance of posting your song:
"its just the same old feeling"?

Judith Tunnell

December 6, 2006

Are you playing anywhere this winter? Or must we wait til summer? Val Ross and I will come and see you, and the friend I was with many years ago (who introduced me to the Sattalites) is also interested...might give us a chance to catch up with you before the reunion

Alex Phung

November 25, 2006

Hey Fergus, remember me??? the chinese kid in ur theory class that finished exams in 5 mins... haha... just saying hello... where have u been plaiyng? i would love to see u and ur band play live sometime...

Jamie Fowlie

November 22, 2006

Hi Fergus. Have been living in Spain for 10 years now, and am happy to be see you are still in the music scene, and that I can listen some old fav's from the island days.

Have to get back some day to find my old Town of Fergus tunes on vinyl...



November 17, 2006

Hey Ferg great to hear your songs again..there are a few there I remember from our demo sessions...terrific songwriting mgm
all the best
ps are you going to the Pilot/Ready Records release?
may see you there

Dan & Gloria Nazar

November 2, 2006

Dear Fergus,

We have just recently come to know of you through the playing of "Mirrors" on Foxy Radio. We asked one of the staff to track down the name of the song and that of the artist. A quick Google later and here we are. As much as we love the song "Mirrors", we are having trouble figuring out one line of the lyrics. Would you be please able to help? In the latter part of the song is a line something like: "We walked along the docks tonight and took the breathless air." How close did we get?

We were pleased to hear that you are performing regularly in Toronto. Perhaps we'll be able to attend one of your performances when we can free up some time from some pressing family care issues.

Thanks in advance for your help.

We look forward to hearing more of your music on your cd's. Your talent and performance on "Mirrors" is very pleasant and uplifting at stressful times.

Dan & Gloria Nazar

doug rowe

August 18, 2006

just typed in your name and there you were -amazing.need an adress to send you some stuff.1 kurumben place bathurst nsw australia 2795

Vanessa Capogreco

August 3, 2006

Fergus - Good to hear the music again on my space. I forgot how great it sounds.
SKA fans save the date! Monday September 18th @ Lee's Palace DANCE CRAZE 2 - Legendary British 80’s Ska
‘THE ENGLISH BEAT’ w/ Pauline Black of the Selecter, and Roddy Radiation & Lynval Golding of the Specials @ 10:30. I have had a chance to see the current tour several times this year and hang with the band. Dave Wakeling and Wayne Lothian are fantastic.
Pass the word - see you then!Much respect and love to Jo Jo.


July 31, 2006

Hey Fergus;


I gave Tony the Drastic Measures Masters and he busted his ass to transfer them to digital.

If he hasn't sent you ¸what you did, I want to.

Can you send me your email so I can fire you off MP3's please?


Judith Tunnell

July 19, 2006

If I can, will come down to Nathan Phillips Sq tomorrow - do you know what time you are playing??

Pete Rae

June 1, 2006

Ferg, remember me?
hint: crack ho's rap song for songwriting class, 2001/02.
I'm currently program manager at CFRC 101.9 FM Queens University radio station. I've just picked up a morning show for the summer and I'm doing a reggae format. I played some Sattalites stuff and it inspired me to send ya a holler.
Hope everything is grand in your neck of the woods and if you'd ever be interested in doing an interview or sending any material I'd definitely spin in on my show.

Thanks Ferg,

stay regular,

Mark Tower

May 10, 2006

Hey Fergus! Greetings from a long time Sattalites band from the Buffalo, NY area. Great to find this site, even better to listen to a song from "Live Via Sattalites!" 2 questions...when are The Sattalites playing Buffalo again??? Also, is the entire Live Via CD available anywhere, or even as downloads? Keep up the great work, hope to catch you guys again sometime!



April 8, 2006

Hey Fergus,
I was surfing the net today and lo and behold I found your website. Nice to catch up on what you're up to. Haven't been to TO lately but if I do will try to see you play somewhere.

Jordan Nunziato

December 16, 2005

Hey Fergus, just thought you might like to check my groups site theres only one song on there right now but just check it out and i could hit you with a copy of our demo sometime, see ya man you rock!

Daniel Hausman

December 15, 2005

HEY FERGUS...its DAn,Jeremy, And Nunz from ur thursday class! U ROCK MAN!

Lisa Millar

December 8, 2005

Good to see that you have a new home on the web. Catch ya at a gig sometime soon.

j w

December 6, 2005

I came I saw - no pic, but otherwise, generally blown away! Ferg rocks!!!